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In our daily work we use software from leading Polish vendors: Comarch and Sage. In this way we not only receive substantial support, but we are sure that the software meets the current accounting standards and, thanks to update packages, keeps abreast of rapid legislation changes.

Our IT department can quickly respond to various incidents and ensures uninterrupted operation of our IT services. Furthermore, we are able to provide a customized reports and analyses as required by the management boards of companies, also in a foreign language.

In our daily work, we use:

  • Sage Symfonia Finances and Bookkeeping
  • Sage Symfonia Personnel and Payroll
  • Sage Symfonia Fixed Assets
  • Comarch CDN Optima Comarch
  • CDN XL

With our original solutions, we are able to transfer data between the sale systems of our clients and the accounting systems in our office.