Revenue and expense records

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Revenue and expense records are maintained by personal income tax payers falling under either progressive tax rates or the flat tax rate (19%), who did not exceed the EUR 1.2 million limit in the previous fiscal year. Such accounting records are maintained by civil law partnerships, registered partnerships and professional partnerships carrying out economic activity, unless they are required to keep full accounts.

Most entrepreneurs believe that maintaining revenue and expense records is easy, but we recommend professional assistance. Entrepreneurs often do not realize how complicated the Polish tax system is. For example, the VAT Act was amended 11 times during the first 6 months of 2011. One can post simple documents and conduct simple bookkeeping operations on one’s own, but it is time consuming to track changes in regulations and there is a substantial risk of errors. Furthermore, one may end up focusing on accounting instead of doing business.

Therefore, our firm provides reliable services, always consistent with the current law, maintaining revenue and expense records and calculating revenue-based tax. Many years of experience guarantee professional and reliable services.

All the entrepreneur has to do is to deliver documents to our office or have them collected by our personnel. After the data has been processed, the entrepreneur is informed about the amount of taxes which are to be paid for a given period well in advance, so that he or she has enough time to make the right business decisions.

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