Accounting ledgers

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Because of the need to constantly track changes in applicable laws and ambiguous interpretations, it should be noted that maintaining accounting ledges is a very complex process. Therefore, it is advisable to use the services of an accounting firm where these issues are taken care of by experienced staff, and the responsibility for the accuracy of accounts rests also with the accounting firm.

The obligation to maintain accounting ledges applies in particular to:

• commercial companies (partnerships and capital companies, including companies in organization), civil law partnerships and other legal persons, with the exception of the Treasury and the Polish National Bank;

• natural persons, civil law partnerships of natural persons, registered partnerships and professional partnerships, if their net income from the sale of goods, products and financial operations for the previous financial year amounted to a PLN equivalent of at least of EUR 1.2 million; organizational units without legal personality (e.g., certain associations), with the exception of the companies referred to above;

• foreign legal entities, foreign entities without legal personality and foreign natural persons who conduct in Poland activity in person, by an authorized person, or by employees – in relation to activity carried out in Poland – regardless of their revenues.

Our accounting firm specializes in keeping accounts for domestic entities and for entities with foreign capital.Our clients are able to access their accounting records on-line in real time. Thanks to maintaining accounting ledgers entrepreneurs can more accurately analyze the structure of costs and revenues. If your goal is to dynamically develop your business and to maintain constant watch over costs and sources of income, our services are what you need.

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