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Why an accounting firm?

Looking for an accounting firm for your company, you have seen many offers and web sites and you may wonder which firm to choose. Below, we show how you can benefit from our services. Before choosing an accounting firm, one often considers the possibility of employing an in-house accountant. This solution may be sometimes advantageous, especially if the nature of the company necessitates an immediate response to information from the accounting department. However, in most cases an accounting firm is a better choice, and that not only due to the fact that a team of accountants has much greater knowledge of accounting than a single person, who does not always have sufficient access to sources of expert knowledge and specialized training. Accounting firms, which keep accounts for many companies, can address tax complexities more efficiently as similar problems tend to emerge in many companies. Purely economic reasons are also frequently decisive; employing a full-time accountant involves the creation of a new job, purchasing a computer and specialized accounting software, which also requires regular updates. This is an often overlooked aspect when taking on an in-house accountant, and it may be a considerable item in the company's budget. Of course, there is also the monthly salary that usually amounts to several thousand zlotys for a competent person (and obviously you want to have a competent accountant) plus tax and social insurance contributions. If you do decide to have your own accounting department, our competent accountants and auditors may revise your accounts. If you wish to outsource accounting, we shall try to answer the question:

Why Audyt2Biznes?

Knowledge and competence. These two words best describe our firm. Will you agree that while selecting a service provider you want to be served by people who know their job well? All members of our staff who will be responsible for your company not only have appropriate training and experience in accounting, but are also qualified by the Ministry of Finance to provide accounting services. We think that expertise backed by years of practical experience is our greatest asset, but not the only one. Another one is the stability of staff serving you – all our clients know who is responsible for their documents and whom they can consult about their business.

Reliability and safety. All accounting firms must have an obligatory insurance policy. In our case the policy is much higher than the mandatory guarantee sum of EUR 10,000. In addition to being certified to provide accounting services, our firm is included in the list of entities authorized to audit financial statements, which guarantees that our work is highly reliable and gives our clients a sense of security. On request, we represent our clients in Tax Offices, during tax and social insurance inspections and on other occasions.

Competitive pricing. We strive to make our services competitive in terms of prices as compared to other firms offering a similarly high standard of services. We always try to tailor our services for our clients as we are aware that you may have experienced many situations where lower price implied lower quality, leading to additional costs at a later time. Hence it is not our objective to offer our services at any price and then save on quality. In our contracts there are no “hidden” clauses or “asterisks” which would entail additional costs. In our view, such practices are unethical and accounting services should be based on mutual trust and a sense of responsibility.

Comprehensive services. Our goal is to provide you with maximum benefits; we can provide you not only with accounting and bookkeeping but also with tax, payroll, social security and other business financial services. We cooperate with a law firm which specializes in business law.

Time-saving. On request we collect documents, and we try to make e-mails the main channel of communication, not only for passing information but also for transmitting data, posting deadline reminders, etc.

If you find the above arguments convincing, feel free to contact us or fill out a short form with information about your company and we will get back to you in order to present our customized services.